Rachel | Love Food Raleigh

Love Food Raleigh Catering: the amazing team behind our tapas at Bend & Brunch. If only we had photos of every single delicious item. 

The menu:

Mini Quiche: home-grown kale & roasted tomatoes

Fruit Salad: grapefruit, oranges, & pomegranate (let's not forget the honey drizzle!)

Kelly's Deviled Eggs

Nutella, Avocado, & Pimento Tostadas

Mini Country Ham Biscuits

My favorite? It's a tie between the mini country ham biscuits and the Nutella tostadas.

I met one of the founders, Rachel Popov, through yoga and have been on the receiving end of her encouragement and goodness ever since. I remember the first time we hung out, just the two of us, I was experiencing writer’s block (fear of being authentic). She has this gentle yet direct way of seeing past BS to the core of a person or issue. I value that insight and have used it to improve myself in more ways than she may realize.


also, bend & brunch was her idea! ...


In her classic Rachel chillness, she asked if Love Food Raleigh could cater a brunch to raise money for our cause. Having never thrown an event before, I was feeling intimidated by the road ahead. Her stepping in and saying, “let’s do this” gave me the courage I needed to step out and go for it. Also, her absolute chill and ability to take everything in stride is the perfect balance to my all too often type A personality.

The community of women in Raleigh is something special.

Rachel is one unique example of women empowering other women… and I am inspired to say that she is one of several in this Raleigh community who has personally empowered me to take action for my cause.

Women of Raleigh, keep doing you. Keep empowering the women around you to transform visions into realities.

Love Food Raleigh team, your delectable skills are everything and more. If you missed these mouthwatering tapas, don't fret, Love Food Raleigh will be catering for Glass Body Steel Soul events in the near future. See you there.