Shipt: Unlimited Grocery Delivery

As a Dysautonomia patient, I dread grocery shopping. There. I said it. Super negative out of the way and moving on to a solution. If you’re wondering why grocery shopping is difficult for someone with Dysautonomia, check out my other blog posts and resources on Glass Body Steel Soul to learn more about about this invisible chronic illness.

For my healthy readers, I mean, why not get your groceries delivered? Healthy readers write to me often about how certain issues we encounter with Dysautonomia (particularly managing energy and priorities) they understand and encounter on a lesser scale. Healthy people can make use of lifestyle hacks as well. I'm guessing a lot of healthy, busy moms would love to know an option like this exists. Get your groceries delivered on laundry day, and you now have an extra block of time to do or relax as you please.

Most people are aware that many grocery stores provide a pick up lane for groceries ordered online. It's a great option, however driving is a huge waste of my energy as is carrying grocery bags into the house (particularly on a hot, summer day).

Before Shipt launched in Raleigh, I often found myself scouring the internet for affordable grocery and food delivery. At one point, we hired a personal chef because the grocery shopping was included in the service. Obviously, financially, we had to sacrifice too much to maintain that option long term, and it wasn’t ideal to host a chef for an entire day in the house (he cooked our meals for the week all in one day). We tried several meal delivery options- also expensive and sometimes we didn’t enjoy one of the meals included. You name it, we tried it.

When Shipt launched in Raleigh, I am ready to bet that I was one of the first customers. I was so excited that I paid for a discounted annual membership before they even launched. I ordered groceries on opening day. It was better than I'd hoped, and I've now been using the service for over a year. It's proven to be an effective long term solution.

How does it work?

There are two options. You can choose from an annual or a month to month membership.

Annual Membership: $99 unlimited delivery

Month to Month Membership: $14/month unlimited delivery

After you pay your membership fee, there is no delivery fee as long as you order $35 worth of groceries (which is easy to plan accordingly).

For my business savvy and critically thinking readers who are raising eyebrows wondering how this company makes a profit…

products are priced slightly differently than in store pricing. To quote Shipt’s website, “Our members can expect to pay about $5 more using Shipt than they would on a $35 order purchased in the store themselves.”

Yes, you pay a little more. Personally, it's a welcome price to pay for the energy I gain, and I find it manageable to calculate within our budget.

From which store are my groceries purchased?


In Raleigh, Harris Teeter. They partner with different stores depending upon location. You should be able to find this information easily for your area via the Shipt website.

Did I mention that this is same day service? You use the Shipt app to shop your order and checkout by selecting a two hour delivery window (this could be same day or for a future day).

You can choose whether the shopper contacts you for any issues or you can select for the shopper to use their best judgment.

I select the option to text me for any issues. That way, if the store is out of a certain product I can decide whether to take it off my list or select a similar product.

I have never had a negative experience with a shopper. There is a notes section for each item, so if I have a particular preference about the ripeness of a fruit etc, I simply add that information to the product notes. My shoppers have always shopped my groceries as if they were their own. My produce is never bruised or overly ripe.

I live in a condo with a gate code, and I’ve never encountered a shopper unable to follow delivery instructions. Even in a condo, they deliver groceries to my door. They are willing to come inside and place them on the counter, but I always hand off at the door since I have fur babies who get excited for visitors.

Every shopper (in my experience) is professional and polite. Tipping is an option, but not mandatory.

Where is Shipt available?

View the screenshot below for Shipt’s current service locations.


How to get started?

Sign up for a membership by clicking here and receive $10 in groceries and 2 weeks free membership.

Download the Shipt app and start shopping!

I have found the app to be simple and intuitive. If you don't own a smartphone or love using apps, you can shop from the Shipt website as well. Check out these screenshots from my app.

Here’s to grocery shopping sans Dysautonomia symptoms!