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Our first Project

Glass Body Steel Soul is raising a minimum of $10k to launch a medical study by Duke Syncope & Dysautonomia Clinic testing the effectiveness of yoga as physical therapy for Dysautonomia patients. We're half way there, but we need your help!

Abbey’s Success Story

Abbey has lived with Dysautonomia for twelve years. Before entering Dr. Frazier-Mills’ care (of Duke Syncope & Dysautonomia Clinic), Abbey could only remain in upright posture for approximately 15 hours per week.

As a Dysautonomia patient who suffers from excessive blood pooling (due to poor blood vessel tone), Abbey struggled most with everyday isometric contractions that most of us take for granted: standing in line, showers, washing the dishes.

She hypothesized that isometric muscle contractions (practiced in yoga) tone and condition blood vessels for upright posture more effectively than other physical therapy protocols that emphasize recumbent cardio and isotonic muscle contractions.

Abbey tested Hatha Vinyasa Yoga because it includes isotonic contractions as transitions, but focuses predominantly on isometric contractions.

After two years of practicing her Physical Therapy protocol and gradually increasing the intensity of her yoga practice, Abbey’s time in upright posture increased to roughly 45 hours per week. She is not cured, as there is no cure for Dysautonomia, but her quality of life has drastically changed for the better.

Abbey's theory was accepted by Duke Syncope and Dysautonomia Clinic to be tested on other patients. Glass Body Steel Soul is raising the remaining $10k to fund the medical study.