about abbey

I am a devoted yoga student and 200 RYT certified teacher. Truly, there is little I enjoy more than a vinyasa flow. I have been living with Dysautonomia for approximately twelve years.

I fought many years for the quality of life I now enjoy, and I believe my purpose is to help other Dysautonomia patients fight for theirs.

This life became a possibility when my husband convinced me to manage my health as my “full time job.”

I realize that many patients do not have that support. I hope the time and precious energy I have invested in improving my quality of life through lifestyle hacks, yoga physical therapy, and emotional/psychological self work can be passed on to you.

I hope that my experience, the positive and the negative, can help you navigate this seemingly invisible and alternate reality we live in as chronically ill people.

Learning to live well with a chronic illness does not happen overnight. It took a solid ten years of trial and error for me to genuinely feel like I can enjoy my life. Maybe, just maybe, sharing my experience will help you avoid some of the pitfalls and heartbreaks I experienced along the way to building a quality, beautiful life.